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Shop now at, call 1-800-487-2467 or visit your local hobby shop 71g F E AT U R E D O N L I N E P R O D U C T S TSU-PNP Digital Sound & Control Board-Replacement Decoder - Tsunami2 SoundTraxx. Universal factory board replacement sound decoder suitable for use in many manufacturer's models. 678-885013 EMD Diesel Sounds - Fits Atlas, Athearn, Intermountain & Others 678-885014 GE Diesel Sounds - Fits Atlas, Athearn, Intermountain & Others 678-885015 Alco Diesel Sounds - Fits Atlas, Athearn, Intermountain & Others 678-885016 Baldwin & Other Diesel Sounds - Fits Atlas, Athearn, Intermountain & Others Reg. Price: $109.95 Sale: $99.98 CurrentKeeper SoundTraxx. 678-810140 1-9/16 x 1/4 x 7/16" 4 x .6 x 1.1cm Reg. Price: $26.95 Sale: $24.98 Train Showcase Music Box Mr Christmas. Five glass panels showcase this handpainted, animated train in a Christmas scene. Plays 25 Christmas carols and 25 year-round classics. 508-78971 Reg. Price: $124.98 Sale: $109.98 Union Pacific Big Boy Collection Pentrex. All 25 of the Big Boys ever built are shown in this 95-minute collection, including rare film coverage from the early 1950s. 561-2036 1 Hour, 35 Minutes Reg. Price: $39.95 Sale: $35.98 Limited Quantity Available How to Use an Airbrush Kalmbach. The 11 projects in this book cover common airbrushing applications and problems. 400-12426 Second Edition Reg. Price: $21.95 Sale: $18.98 Basic DCC Wiring for Your Model Railroad Kalmbach. Great beginners guide to decoders, DCC systems and layout wiring. 400-12448 Softcover, 56 Pages Reg. Price: $15.95 Sale: $13.98 Model Railroads Go to War Kalmbach. Covers a large scope of model railroading wartime layouts and includes historical information and photos plus modeling projects and track plans. 400-12483 Reg. Price: $19.99 Sale: $16.98 Freight Cars of the '40s and '50s Kalmbach. Useful guide to railroad cars operated during one of the most popular modeling eras. 400-12489 Softcover, 96 Pages Reg. Price: $21.99 Sale: $18.98 Getting Started in Model Railroading Kalmbach. Jeff Wilson helps modelers get started with the basics. Provides enough information for beginners to confidently build a layout, 400-12495 Reg. Price: $21.99 Sale: $18.98 DCC Programming DVD Kalmbach. Model Railroader senior editor Dana Kawala walks you through many common DCC programming tasks, and he demonstrates the techniques with systems from several manufacturers. 400-15306 Volume 1, 1 Hour, 1 Minute Reg. Price: $12.99 Sale: $10.98 Solvaset Decal Setting Solvent Walthers. 904-470 2oz 59.1mL Bottle Reg. Price: $5.98 Sale: $5.25 HO WWII M4 Sherman Medium Tank - Assembled Walthers SceneMaster . 949-14004 US & Allies (Olive Drab) Reg. Price: $9.98 Sale: $6.98 HO M41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank - Roco Mini-Tanks Herpa. 326-741262 World War II United States & Allies Reg. Price: $13.50 Sale: $11.98 NEW HO Flatcar w/Crate Load Mantua. 455-727004 US Army Reg. Price: $16.98 Sale: $14.98 NEW HO Work Caboose w/Crane Model Power. 490-98195 United States Army Reg. Price: $18.98 Sale: $15.98 NEW HO Flatcar w/20' Container Load Model Power. 490-98309 US Army Reg. Price: $19.98 Sale: $16.98 O n l i n e O n ly Bo n u s P a g e s O n l i n e O n ly Bo n u s P a g e s

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