March 2017 Flyer Page 69 All Scale

69 9 Our Book, Your Story For 85 years, we have admired the stories you tell and the worlds you create. Our special anniversary book can help you get started or write the next chapter. Thousands of NEW products added More products than ever in one big book Presentation of this year's Magic Photo Contest winners Special gifts for you FREE sign sheets A coupon in every book! A walk down memory lane Special commemorative content Republishing of past Magic winners Helpful resources for beginners and experienced modelers Visit your local hobby shop to get yours today! 913-217 $17.98 "In all of us is a desire to create, build, and direct something that is our very own. The models we build are our air castles made real. By adding to the picture, as we do with a model train, life is imparted and we rule a world in miniature." - Wm. K. Walthers 'Handbook for Model Railroaders' SOLD OUT AT WALTHERS!

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