March 2017 Flyer Page 68 All Scale

Shop now at, call 1-800-487-2467 or visit your local hobby shop 68 P A R T S HO Wall Fans & Wall Vents - Kit Blair Line. 184-2707 6 Fans & 15 Vents Reg. Price: $10.00 Sale: $8.98 HO Window Awning Set City Classics. 195-900 6 Each of 5 Sizes pkg(30) Reg. Price: $19.98 Sale: $17.98 HO Rotary Beacon w/Cored Lens Details West. 235-106 Roof Mount pkg(1) Reg. Price: $5.95 Sale: $4.98 HO Camper Pickup Truck Body - Kit GCLaser. 292-19051 Fits Classic Metal Works 1941/46 Chevrolet Pickup Truck Reg. Price: $7.00 Sale: $5.98 HO Window & Door Assortment Tichy Train. 293-8091 pkg(200) Reg. Price: $40.00 Sale: $33.98 HO 1930s Railings Rix. 628-104 pkg(4) Reg. Price: $6.95 Sale: $5.98 HO Roof Vents Rix. 628-610 For Industrial Buildings pkg(8) Reg. Price: $8.95 Sale: $7.98 NEW S High-Profile Coal Load Motrak Models. 509-61100 Resin - Fits S Helper/Showcase Line/ MTH 2-Bay Hopper 509-61102 Resin - Fits S Helper/Showcase Line/ MTH 2-Bay Hopper Reg. Price: $9.00 Sale: $6.98 Flat Steel Freight Car Weights A Line. 116-13003 1/2 x 3/4 x 1/8" pkg(24) 116-13004 1/2 x 3/4 x 1/4" pkg(12) Reg. Price: $8.50 Sale: $7.98 Styrene - Handrails Plastruct. 570-90682 7/16 x 6" Long (3/4" Between Posts) pkg(2) Reg. Price: $3.05 Sale: $2.75 O The Polar Express Conductor Pocket Watch Lionel. Bring the classic tale about the power of belief to your home with this brass plated, battery operated quartz pocket watch. 434-941027 Reg. Price: $129.99 Sale: $109.98 B O O K S x V I D E O S x R A I L R O A D I A N A NEW 2016 HOn3 Annual White River. Features 116 pages dedicated to HO narrow gauge modeling including scratchbuilding projects, great photo techniques and more. 15-HO16 Softcover Reg. Price: $19.95 Sale: $17.98 Big Hooks Withers. Covers an essential piece of railroad equipment, the wrecking crane or "big hook". 95-124 Vol. 2 Reg. Price: $39.95 Sale: $35.98 Trainz: A New Era - Railroad Simulator Software Topics Entertainment. Stunning, updated graphics, realism and accuracy raise the simulation to new heights in this latest release. Create your own rail world to explore or relive the glory days of railroading. 131-81406 Standard Edition for Windows PC - Windows 7, 8.1 and Later Reg. Price: $49.95 Sale: $44.98 The Complete Atlas Wiring Book Atlas. Learn how to install and use electrical components, starting with the basics and finishing with complex wiring situations. 150-12 Reg. Price: $8.95 Sale: $6.98 Limited Quantity Available DCC Projects & Applications Kalmbach. Answers questions about starting with or upgrading Digital Command Control (DCC) equipment, selecting, installing and operating. 400-12441 Volume 2 Reg. Price: $19.95 Sale: $16.98 NEW Jersey Central Lines Official Photography Morning Sun. Chronicles the important developments from the 1920s to the 50s. 484-5690 Softcover, 128 Pages, Black & White Reg. Price: $39.95 Sale: $35.98 NEW Erie Railroad Official Photography Morning Sun. Features postwar Erie in great black and white photographs. 484-5682 Volume 1: C to F, Softcover, 128 Pages, Black & White Reg. Price: $39.95 Sale: $35.98

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