March 2017 Flyer Page 3 Introduction

3 W H A T ' S I N S I D E HO Cornerstone Sidewalks & Curbs pg 6 Folks in the maintenance crews may be the unsung heroes of railroading. Whether the phone rings at two on a brutal winter morning with news of a broken rail, or a car rolls in at high noon on the Fourth of July with flat wheels, they grab their tools and head out to the job. Getting there is a lot easier these days and safer too, with a dedicated fleet of trucks big and small finished in white for added visibility on and off the right-of-way. Expanding your contemporary HO fleet is easy with these new models, which come fully assembled and factory-finished in white. Decals for quick conversion to railroad maintenance service are included, but you'll also find trucks like this serving power, water and gas utilities, as well as many city, state and county highway departments. Check out the complete selection for the first time on page 7 in this issue! HO WalthersProto 40' Trinity 14,000-Gallon Molten Sulfur Tank Car 920-100037 CGTX #13905 $44.98 HO WalthersProto 55' Trinity 30,145-Gallon Tank Car 920-100607 NATX #302636 $44.98 920-100609 TILX #190641 $44.98 HO WalthersMainline 53' Corrugated-Side Gondola 910-6067 NS #194378 $24.98 HO Cornerstone Bud's Trucking Company 933-3192 Kit $34.98 HO WalthersProto EMD GP9 Phase I pg 4 modern railroading of o heroes The

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