March 2017 Flyer Page 22 HO Scale

22 S anta Fe's El Capitan was the first choice for travelers between Chicago and Los Angeles, reaching new levels of luxury as a conventional streamliner in 1954 when the first "Big Domes" arrived. Capturing the spirit of the 1954 El Capitan , our newest HO name train includes four new cars - six authentic models in all - that later served on other Santa Fe streamliners. New 300-Class F7s in full Warbonnet colors will also be available for an authentic model from start to finish. Support your local hobby shop visit call 1-800-4-TRAINS Photos show preproduction models for illustration purposes only, some colors and details may vary. 73' Budd Baggage Car 920-9465 In Stock $74.98 85' P-S Baggage-Dormitory 920-9460 March 2017 $79.98 85' Budd 46-Seat Coach 920-9464 In Stock $79.98 85' P-S 13-Seat Lunch Counter 20-Seat Diner 920-9461 March 2017 $79.98 85' Budd Big Dome Bar Lounge #506-513 920-9462 March 2017 $89.98 85' P-S 42-Seat Coach Observation 920-9463 April 2017 $89.98 First car arrives in January 2017 - reserve now! 1954 "El Capitan" Passenger Cars Four all-new models - As-built Baggage-Dormitory - 13-Seat Lunch Counter 20-Seat Diner - "Big Dome" Bar Lounge #506-513 - 42-Seat Coach-Observation Mix & match to model an authentic El Capitan or other Santa Fe streamliners Real metal finish simulates stainless steel - matches our other WalthersProto Santa Fe streamliners Modeler-installed extended drawbar for 22" radius curves included Prototypically accurate window tinting as appropriate All grab irons factory installed Car number decals Turned RP-25 metal wheelsets Proto MAX metal knuckle couplers Santa Fe 300-Class F7 Diesels - Based on post-1953 engines #300-305 April 2017 Delivery for all models Limited edition - one-time run of these configurations Detailed to match post-1953 cosmetic upgrades featuring: - Vertical "Farr" type etched stainless grilles - Door-mounted headlight & Mars light - 36" dynamic brake fan - 2 single-chime air horns - Plated metal & painted finish - Complete scale fuel tank with skirting, hangers, battery box & underframe detail SoundTraxx Tsunami Sound & DCC A-B Sets $549.98 each 920-40900 #300L, #300A 920-40901 #305L, #305A Matching A Units $279.98 each 920-40902 #302L 920-40903 #303L Standard DC A-B Sets $349.98 each 920-47900 #301L, #301A 920-47901 #304L, #304A Matching A Units $179.98 each 920-47902 #302L 920-47903 #303L

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