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Shop now at, call 1-800-487-2467 or visit your local hobby shop 13 A Note on Availability At Walthers, we strive to provide you with the widest variety of product possible. In order to achieve this goal, we maintain significant inventory on site. Despite our best efforts to have every item you could possibly need in house at all times, it is not realistically possible to do so. For your convenience, we do our best to promote items that are in stock and to clearly label other items-those that are new and available for Advance Reservations or items that are low in stock and have Limited Quantities Available when the Flyer goes to press. At times, we experience a quick sell out on a particular item or unexpected demand for an item that we believed to have sufficient stock in house. In many cases, items can be back ordered for future delivery. In other cases, we are unable to secure more of a particular item. For the most up to date availability information, we encourage you to check, email us at or call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-4-TRAINS. Please know that we appreciate your support of both Walthers and your Local Hobby Shop. We are committed to making this Flyer a valuable part of your model railroading. 45' CIMC Container - Assembled $11.98 each Popular sizes & styles for domestic & world-wide service New color schemes & names Separate door latch detail Fully-assembled & ready to use 949-8551 Antillean 949-8552 China Shipping 949-8553 CMA/CGM (Globe) 949-8554 Evergreen 949-8555 Hapag-Lloyd 949-8556 Maersk 949-8557 NYK Logistics 949-8558 P&O-Nedlloyd 949-8550 Undecorated 20' Tank Container - Kit $9.98 each New paint schemes! Prepainted & lettered Easy assembly 949-8107 ATSF 949-8108 Hoyer 949-8109 Tiphook 949-8110 UP 949-8111 Vanhool 40' Hi Cube Smooth Side Reefer Container - Assembled $9.98 each New numbers! Prototypes handle all types of perishables Detailed refrigeration unit Common size & style in service worldwide Improved door latch detail 949-8359 Dole 949-8360 Evergreen 949-8361 Hapag-Lloyd 949-8362 Horizon Lines 949-8363 Yang Ming 48' Ribbed Side Container - Assembled $11.98 each Prototypes in domestic service 1986 to late 2000s New numbers! Based on common size & style Improved door latch detail 949-8467 BN 949-8468 CN 949-8469 Conquest 949-8470 EMP 949-8471 Genstar 949-8472 JB Hunt 949-8473 ATSF 949-8474 SP ADVANCE RESERVATION NEW HO SceneMaster 1960s-Style Traffic Lights April 2017 Delivery Common North American style signals used 1960s to 1980s Overall Federal Safety Yellow finish Choose 3 widely used styles in powered & unpowered versions Fully-assembled from tough metal parts Easy installation in new or existing scenery Powered models feature: * Long-lasting LEDs * Color-coded wiring * Operate with Traffic Light Controller (949-4389, sold separately) Non-operating models feature: * Simple pin mounting as appropriate * Painted red, amber & green signals (2 non-operating traffic signals per pack Single-Sided Double-Sided Single-Sided Light 949-4364 Powered $24.98 949-4367 Non-operating pkg(2) $17.98 Double-Sided Light 949-4365 Powered $27.98 949-4368 Non-operating pkg(2) $19.98 Single-Sided Hanging Light 949-4366 Powered $24.98 949-4369 Non-operating pkg(2) $17.98 ADVANCE RESERVATION NEW HO SceneMaster Containers April 2017 Delivery Great for detailing terminals, highways & industrial scenes Realistic load for well cars Union Pacific licensed product

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